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Smart Home Services

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Elevate your home to new heights. 

The Smart Home has arrived!! With the current technology we have Internet-enabled TVs, refrigerators, washing machines, coffee maker and voice-enabled assistants like Amazon Echo & Google home. Our homes have becomes more intelligent and interactive, yet more complex. We are here to help you utilize the latest technology to create a safer, more convenient, more enjoyable home. We provide consultations, individualized plans and custom implementation of Smart Home technology for lighting, Audio & TV entertainment system and security.

Basic Services

Home WiFi Mesh Networking

We configure Google Home, Eero and all other forms of mesh networking for the best connectivity to your home! This also includes routing from your existing modems to the new mesh network.

Parental Controls For Your Devices

Internet Connected Devices

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Advanced Services

Integrate voice assistants with smart devices
  - Alexa with SONOs sound system and music
  - Google Home with Philips Hue
  - Alexa controlled Dish TV
- Multi-room, multi-user family setup with Google Home and Amazon Alexa
- Voice assistant personalization
  - Get personalized help with your schedule, reminders, calls, news and more, whenever your voice is recognized
- Advanced programmable home automation: enabling devices working together seamlessly
  - Samsung SmartThings Hub
  - Comcast Stringify

Automate Your Home

Going away for a vacation? With Smart Homes, you can watch in on events that happen or set lights that will discourage burglars.

Mobile Friendly

All Smart Home devices can be controlled using your smartphone, so it's touch friendly.

Smart Speakers

The best part is controlling aspects of your home with just your voice. And you can search for recipes, information and more using just your voice!

$ 35
Hourly Rate
  • Our Hourly Charge for Labor on all Smart Home Projects.  


$ 30
Consultation Fee
  • We Charge a Flat-Rate $30 for consultation on complex Smart-Home Projects (more than one components)


$ 70
Smart Speaker Setup
  • This is our Smart Home Speaker (Amazon Echo and Google Home) Service Fee. This rate is Flat-Rate and does not change base on time.


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