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We live in an incredibly fast-moving and exciting technology era. Most families have an array of PCs, Macs, tablets and phones from different vendors. Now, there is a flood of new internet-enabled devices entering our home, which add another layer of complexity. It is fantastic when technologies just work, but often times there is frustration caused by devices incompatibility, degrading PC performance or even a cracked screen on an iPhone. Enter the HiTech Handymen! Let us be your electronics coordinator so you and your family can fully enjoy the productivity, convenience, entertainment, and safety those high tech gadgets bring to our lives.

Smart Home Services

We offer only the highest levels of expertise in configuring Smart Home systems. Smart Home means your whole is at the command of your fingertips and voice!

Phone & Tablet Repair

Our mobile repair experts can help your devices stay in tip-top shape, providing a range of expert repairs on iPhones, Android devices and Tablets!

Computer Services

Have a computer that has a problem? We can diagnose and fix a wide assortment of software and hardware problems in both PC and Mac computers.



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