Your Computer. Refined.

We help restore your computers back to tip-top shape with our computer services. Just like with phone repairs, our computer services are fast, affordable and reliable.

Slow Computers and Programs

We can speed up your computers! From hardware to software, we will provide the best solution for your computer!

Custom Computer Builds

Need the dream computer? We've got you covered. We can custom build computers to your heart's content!

Software Configuration

Our software configuration service comes in handy when you have problems with your favorite programs!

WiFi Troubleshooting

We also specialize in troubleshooting your internet connection so you can enjoy your internet wtih ease.

Apple Software and Diagnostics

We do specialize in servicing various Macintosh computers including their software usage

Hardware Repairs

We are specialists in fixing the hardware components of a computer!

We Backup Data. 

Worried about data during your repair or need backup services? We've got you covered. Don't be afraid of losing your data!                    

Never be afraid of losing your data - we can help you ensure that precious will stay secure!

Advanced Details

We will typically diagnose your computer within 30 minutes or less.
- Computers do get slower over time. We re-mediate slow computers by performing a "tune-up" through the removal of harmful viruses and unnecessary programs called "bloatware."
- We can optimize your browser for a better searching experience.
- We can improve performance by modifying your BIOS (little menu past the splash screen) to ensure a faster boot sequence or removing non-essential programs from your startup queue.
- Aside from Tune-Up & Performance, we also offer hardware-sided services like installation of new devices, network setup and replacing hardware that is outdated or broken.
- Data is very important and essential to preserving a lot of people's digital lifestyle. We offer data backups when performing repairs. This can also be done for general safekeeping purposes.
- We will troubleshoot any of your software programs and can help with most things software-related.
- We can also reinstall the operating system.
Computer Hardware Services are backed by our 120 days limited warranty. If a component we install fails for any reasons excluding physical damage and liquid exposure, we will replace that part within the 120 days of warranty. The period of this warranty begins at the time of pickup. 


$ 20
one-time fee
  • Our Diagnostics Procedure is FREE under 30 minutes. Otherwise, there is a $20 diagnostics fee towards the diagnostics.

Labor Charge

$ 35
per hour
  • Our Standard Hourly Rate for software repair & optimizations. This does not include the cost of any software.

Part of Hardware +

  • For Hardware-Based Repairs, we charge only labor fee on top of the cost of the part. There is no other surcharge. 


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